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Take a cruise on the S.S. Warrior

Carla and I named our destinations - Interwrite Island, The Turning Point Pennisula, and The Palm Lagoon...your thoughts?

Super! :-)

Take a cruise on the S.S. Warrior - our first stop....

We could give out a lei as they come in? Sure! Island music playing?!? Do you have a Beach Boys CD?


Computer Lab for both times during the day?
The computer lab will be the best place and we can decorate ahead of time if we see fit

Yes! I'll come right to Glen after the Title 1 meeting in the morning. Will you be able to decorate with me at that time? :-)

We have palm trees and lights. She also ordered life preservers too for our SS Warrior


Door prizes?

Ideas for door prizes?
LOTS and LOTS including Chris' book and a grand prize TREASURE BOX!
Cool! What's in the Teasure Box?


Do we need handouts? Maybe we just need one sheet for the teachers to take away from the session to help them remember what they saw. "How To" files for TurningPoint and Interwrite are on the web. I can give the URL for this webpage.

I'll make the handouts "passports" If you think we need anything else just let me know and I can copy them

The link below is all we need to add to the handouts page. It has links to all the tutorials and "how to" files for our tech tools.


What else do we need to think about and plan?