We're takin' a cruise on the S.S. Warrior!

No need to worry about packing a suitcase. We have everything here that you will need.
Bring your smiles and creativity for a fun trip!

Our first stop is: Edutopia Archipelago

where we'll land on a cluster of islands with fantastic tech integration videos.

Here's the main island: Edutopia

Below is the chain of islands you won't want to miss! Explore one that looks appealing and then share with the rest of the group.

Toad Tracking

Hula High Tech
http://www.edutopia.org/hula-high-tech-video tree_clipart_palm_tree_2.gif

Geo Literacy Project

Computers and multimedia are seemlessly woven into the curriculum

Journey North Project - Bowie, MD

Using Handhelds

Space Day

Effective Use of Technology


Our second stop is: TurningPoint Peninsula

Your captains will take you on a little tour of the peninsula and show you how to add videos and run reports.

Our next stop is: Interwrite Island

On this island we'll swim around in the "new waters" of the latest version of Interwrite.

Our last stop is: Palm Lagoon

We'll be careful of the sandbanks and the reefs as we explore new learning experiences with our handhelds.

When you are back on land and have some minutes... don't miss this video.