Our afternoon session

We'll brainstorm ideas for the afternoon session right on this page.

Which Tools?

What tech tools do we want to showcase? We will have two hours.

I think we should focus our efforts on the Interwrite pad and TP. At this point the TP should be more of a refresher and address concerns whereas the Interwrite should be a wow and how approach...your thoughts?

Patti: I agree. I have "How to" files for TurningPoint. We can make these available. I can show teachers how to make a quick TurningPoint slide and also how to embed a Unitedstreaming video.

Interwrite has new software which should be on our server when school starts but... I'm not sure if we can count on it. I can demo the software and show the teachers some templates that I have already made. I can also show them some of the IW sims that come with the new software.

With the TP, it may be in our best interest to show them how to pull the data

Patti: Yeppers! I can show them a report.

in addition to using the resources on D2L....

Patti: We can show the teachers where are the resource files are located in D2L in the morning and then show them again in the PM. We can't say it enough. :-)

or maybe we should do a make and take TP?! am I rambling?

Patti: I can show them how to make a quick TP slide.

Do you want to get into a little geocaching? Depending on how tech savvy your group is, it could be too much or it could be something new and exciting.

Maybe we should do something like this...
2:00-2:30 SHOWCASE "Welcome to the S.S. Warrior....your itinerary for our cruise is....but first sit back, relax, and enjoy... Then we can show them how it 'should' look
2:30-3:15 Our first destination...Turning Point
What's on D2L for Turning Point, make a slide, pull data...etc...
3:15 - 4:00 Our final destination...Interwrite
Set up, new software, ease of use, etc...
What do you think of the breakdown above? The geocaching would be great to introduce but maybe we should just focus on increasing their proficiency on TP and Interwrite.
HOw do you want to break down the responsibilities? Can you use existing PD materials or do we need to create something?